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00:47 England

Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In A Back Roll Shower Pattern

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 22 catches juggling three hula hoops in a back roll shower pattern.

01:17 England

Most Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In A Shower Pattern

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 163 catches juggling three hula hoops in a shower pattern.

02:41 England

Most Consecutive Catches In A Three-Hoop Lazy Cascade With Penguin Catches

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 240 consecutive catches in a three-hoop lazy cascade with penguin catches.

01:27 England

Most Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In Reverse Cascade Flat Fronts

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 100 catches juggling three hula hoops in a reverse cascade flat fronts.

01:11 United States

Most Tennis Ball Shots Made Into A Basketball Hoop Between Two People Volleying The Tennis Ball


Noer and Vito made three successful tennis ball shots into a basketball hoop while volleying the tennis ball between them.

00:27 New Zealand

Furthest Mini Basketball Throw Into A Mini Basketball Hoop

record crusher

Record Crusher threw a mini basketball into a mini basketball hoop from 77.42 feet away.

01:23 United States

Most Times Slam Dunking A Doritos Bag On A Trampoline In 30 Seconds


Sonny P. slam dunked a Doritos bag 43 times in 30 seconds on a trampoline. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

00:26 England

Most Keepie Uppie Knee Hoops With A Tennis Ball

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 31 keepie uppie knee hoops with a tennis ball.

02:03 India

Most Hula Hoop Spins Around Legs In Two Minutes

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur spun a hula hoop around his legs 338 times in one minute.

00:41 England

Most Consecutive Keepie Uppie Knee Hoops

Laurent Kelly

Laurent K. performed 35 keepie uppie knee hoops.

01:10 Colombia

Longest Time Juggling Four Clubs While Balancing A Ball On Top Of A Stick Held In Mouth, Spinning A Hoop On One Leg, And Balancing On A Slackline

De Guayaba

De Guayaba juggled four clubs for 8.78 seconds while balancing a ball on top of a stick held in his mouth, spinning a hoop on his right leg, and balancing on a slackline.

00:56 United States

Most Consecutive Three-Ball Flashes Through A Ring Balanced On Forehead While Hula Hooping

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan completed nine three-ball flashes through a ring balanced on his forehead. He hula hooped for entire duration of the attempt.

00:49 United States

Longest "Granny Shot" While Dressed Like A Granny

Joseph Saroufim

Joseph S. made a successful granny shot from 37 feet away while dressed like a granny.

01:59 United States

Most People Passing Through A Hula Hoop In Two Minutes

Rob Roush

Rob Roush led 104 people through a hula hoop in two minutes.

00:20 United States

Most Basketball Shots Made On A Street Pro Gamez Hoop In 20 Seconds

Jim Paul

Dustin P. made 41 shots on his Street Pro Gamez Hoop in 20 seconds.

03:33 United States

Longest Time Juggling Two Hula Hoops In One Hand

Kyle Johnson

Kyle J. juggled two hula hoops in one hand for three minutes, 25.87 seconds.

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