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Highest Concert Performed In The United States

Chris Carraba

Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional performed a concert on top of Pikes Peak Mountain in Colorado at 14,111 feet above sea level. The concert was performed to raise funds for The Love Hope Strength Foundation.

00:15 United States

Highest Highfall Into A Stunt Airbag While On Fire

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smithfell 30 feet into a stunt airbag while his back was on fire. NOTE: Stunt falls and fire tricks are dangerous. Please do not make this attempt without proper supervision, training and equipment.

01:32 United States

Highest One-Legged Upside-Down Hang

Benjamin Gross

Benjamin Gross used one leg to hang upside-down from a rope suspended 25 feet in the air. NOTE: Please use proper safety precautions when attempting this record. This record should only be attempted by professionally trained people.

01:45 United States

Highest "Air Sip"

David Dargay

David Dargay took a sip of water dropped from a height of 12 feet.

00:51 United States

Highest Helicopter Basketball Shot

Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson of Man Vs. Internet made a successful basketball shot from inside a helicopter hovering at 192 feet.

00:27 United States

Highest Hay Bale Toss

Omega Force

Randy Richey of the Omega Force strength team tossed a square bale of hay 12 feet high. He set the record at The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports and Fitness Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

00:45 United States

Highest Location To Perform A Burpee Exercise

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. performed burpee exercises inside the Ledge , a structure reaching 1,353 feet high, at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

United States

Highest Summit Climbed By Multiple Sclerosis And Parkinson's Disease Patients

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith organizer Lori Schneider and seven organization members with multiple sclerosis and four with Parkinson's diseases successfully climbed the 19,341-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They set the record to inspire people with neurodegenerative diseases. Learn more about the feat here.

00:11 United States

Highest Mini-Basketball Trick Shot Over A Ceiling Fan

Cristian Robles

Cristian R. performed a trick shot over a ceiling fan 11 feet in height using a mini basketball.

21:59 Ireland

Farthest Distance Achieved In "Curl Up And Fly" (Online)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. achieved 750,473 feet in Curl Up And Fly.

01:59 United States

Highest Altitude To Perform A Traditional Irish Jig Dance

Lauren Richardson

Lauren R. led 21 dancers from Mountain Eire Irish Dance School in performing a traditional Irish jig dance at an altitude of 14,110 feet on the summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado. They set the record to celebrate their school's one year anniversary.

00:23 United States

Highest Elevation To Snap A Golf Club

Brendon Tueller

Brendon T. snapped a golf club at an elevation of 12,668 feet.

00:25 United States

Highest Peak In North Carolina To Do Burpee Exercises On

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. performed burpee exercises on Crowders Mountain in North Carolina. The peak measures 1,625 feet in height.

00:29 United States

Highest Trust Fall


Lauren performed a trust fall from 8.5 feet.

United States

Highest Location To Eat A Doritos Chip


Anthony ate a Doritos chip 9,428 feet above sea level. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

00:59 United States

Highest Basketball Shot While Riding A Unicycle

Tyson Bendzak

Tyson Bendzak made a successful basketball shot from a bridge 60 feet high while riding a unicycle. He dedicated the record to his dad and other cancer patients in hopes of encouraging them in their journey. Learn more about the feat here.

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