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00:51 United States

Most Clothespins Attached To A Mustache

Matthew Jeffery

Matthew J. attached 20 wooden clothespins to his mustache.

23:46 Slovakia

Most Clothespins Attached To Hair

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik attached 406 clothespins to someone's hair.

07:47 Slovakia

Most Plastic Forks Stuck In Hair At Once

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik stuck 204 plastic forks in someone's hair at once.

00:38 United States

Most Pencils Shoved Into A French Braid In 40 Seconds

Grace Nicklas

Grace N. shoved 23 pencils into her French braid in 40 seconds.

14:45 United States

Most Drinking Straws Fit In Hair

Tadi Finicum

Tadi F. fit 128 drinking straws in his hair at once.

02:21 United States

Longest Beard Shaved Off Entirely With A Straight Razor

David Ross

David Ross had his 3.75-inch long beard shaved off entirely with a straight razor.

02:09 England

Most Glow Sticks In Hair

Chris Cassettari

Phil G. had 45 glow sticks in his hair.

14:23 United States

Most Hair Bands Used To Create One Ponytail


Nikolette used 100 hair bands to tie her hair in a ponytail style.

02:49 India

Farthest Distance To Pull A Truck And A Sports Utility Vehicle Using Hair

Montystar Agarawal

Montystar Agarawal pulled a truck and a Toyota Fortuner 50 meters using only his hair. The two vehicles weighed a total of 5,200 kilograms.

00:25 United States

Fastest Time To Do A Side Braid

norarose hallinghead

Norarose H. braided her hair into a side braid in 17.60 seconds.

00:45 Ireland

Most Ponytails

Andrew Saurin

Andrew S. tied 69 ponytails in his hair at once.

01:00 United States

Fastest Time To Braid Hair While Holding A Leg Split Pose

Holly Sutherlnad

Holly S. braided her hair in 21.75 seconds while holding a leg split pose.

00:11 United States

Fastest Time To Make A Side Pony Hairstyle


Molly put her hair up into a side pony hairstyle in 4.28 seconds.

06:51 United States

Most Candy Canes Stuffed In A Beard

Jamie Trinder

Jamie T. stuffed 22 candy canes in his beard.

04:34 United States

Most Box Braids In Hair

Sarah Blake

Sarah B. has 100 box braids in her hair.

00:55 India

Farthest Distance Walked Backwards While Lifting A 50-Kilogram Cement Bag With Hair

Montystar Agarawal

Montystar A. walked 10 meters backwards while carrying a 50-kilogram cement bag with his hair. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions from minors.

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