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Game world records, whether real-world or virtual, are set after hours of intensive training and practice. Childhood favorites like Connect Four sit alongside recent iPhone hits such as Angry Birds. Whether your passion is board games or video games, you'll find a category to compete in here.

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04:10 Ireland

Farthest Distance Ran In Endless Mode Of "How Dare You" (Online)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. ran 112,022 meters in Endless Mode of How Dare You.

United States

Highest Score Earned On Level 1 Of "Angry Birds" While Blindfolded

Viktor Okuka

Viktor O. earned 29,730 points on Level 1 of Angry Birds. He played the game while wearing a blindfold.

21:59 Ireland

Farthest Distance Achieved In "Curl Up And Fly" (Online)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. achieved 750,473 feet in Curl Up And Fly.

07:29 Canada

Fastest Completion Of "Super Smash Bros." For Nintendo 64

Ghillie Guide

Ghillie Guide completed Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 in five minutes, 43.77 seconds.

04:37 Ireland

Most Knock-Outs Made In One Minute In "Super Smash Brothers" (3DS)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. made 10 knock-outs in one minute in Super Smash Brothers.


Farthest Distance Achieved In "Monkey Kick Off" (Online)

Diego Pérez

Diego P. achieved a distance of 4,679 meters in Monkey Kick Off.

24:56 Norway

Fastest Time To Earn 16 Stars in "Kaizo Mario 64"

Mikal Vidoy

Mikal V. earned 16 stars in in Kaizo Mario 64 in 24 minutes, 40.99 seconds.

03:06 United States

Highest Power Mini Game Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)


Benjamin earned 535 points in Power mini game in Pokemon SoulSilver.

00:14 United States

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Platinum Version" (DS)


Benjamin put 754 hours into playing Pokemon Platinum.

40:16 United States

Highest Score On The First Loop Of "Castlevania" (NES)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. scored 1,439,660 points on the first loop of Castlevania.


Fastest Lap On "Excitebike" (NES)

Sami Miikkulainen

Sami M. completed a lap on Excitebike in 28.43 seconds.

05:51 United States

Highest Score In "Duet Game" (Mobile)


AW Prince earned 2,163,971 points in Duet Game.

00:58 United States

Fastest Completion Of Level 1-1 In "New Super Mario Bros." (Wii)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed level 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. in 32.08 seconds.

United States

Highest Score In "Bejeweled 2: Speed"

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. earned 2,827,100 points in Bejeweled 2: Speed.

01:49 Israel

Most Xbox 360 Game Cases Balanced On One Finger

saar kessel

Saar K. balanced 11 Xbox 360 game cases in one finger.

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