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Football world records - where football includes soccer, American football, rugby and even paper football for the less athletically inclined - are a diverse bunch. Rather than aiming for the halls of fame overseen by ESPN, the NFL or FIFA, these champions create their own categories of achievement that incorporate memory skills, huge collections team memorabilia or speedy handling of footballs.

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02:20 United States

Longest Time Camping Out For ESPN's College GameDay

Dan Has

Daniel Haslam waited in ESPN’s College GameDay line for 43 hours and 30 minutes. Haslem got in line at 3pm on Thursday October 22, 2009 and stayed in it until 10:30am on Saturday October 24, 2009, in time for the start of the show.

03:24 Australia

Longest Time Hanging From An Australian Regulation Football Goal Post

Jordan Dee

Jordan D. hung from an Australian regulation football goal post using his arms for three minutes.

11:44 United States

Longest Time Holding A Football Using One Hand

DK Hayden

DK Hayden held a football using one hand for 11 minutes, 5.34 seconds.

02:51 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Football On One Eye

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced an American football on one eye for one minute, 48.06 seconds.

07:26 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Football On Top Of A Pool Cue Handle On Chin

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a football on top of a pool cue handle on his chin for three minutes, 9.22 seconds.

06:29 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Wine Bottle On Top Of A Football On The Back Of The Hand

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a wine bottle on top of a football on the back of his hand for three minutes, 46.84 seconds.


Longest Time To Balance An Upside-Down Wine Glass On Top Of A Football On Top Of Another Wineglass On Head

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced an upside-down wine glass on top of a football on top of another wineglass on his head for two minutes, 20.96 seconds.

01:33 United States

Longest Time To Spin A Football On Finger While Seated

Brock Ralphs

Brock R. spun a football on his finger for one minute, 28.88 seconds while seated.


Most 2013 UK Premiership Football Players Named In 20 Seconds


Finn named 29 Premiership football players in 20 seconds.

00:32 Australia

Most Bounces Of A Football In 15 Seconds

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. bounced a football 55 times in 15 seconds.

00:37 United States

Most Bounces Of An American Football In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey dribbled a football 167 times in 30 seconds.

05:14 England

Most British Football Stadiums Named In 30 Seconds

Charlotte Listener

Charlotte Listener named 23 British football stadiums in 30 seconds. She performed the feat live on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show.

00:56 Wales

Most Consecutive Baseball Bounces On A Football While Standing On One Leg

Mark Evans

Mark E. bounced a baseball on an American football 104 times while standing on one leg.

03:18 Wales

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Golf Ball On A Football

Mark Evans

Mark E. bounced a golf ball 403 times on a football.

00:26 United States

Most Consecutive Field Goals Kicked While Holding A Doritos Mix Bag In Each Hand


A Doritos fan kicked four field goals while holding a Doritos Mix bag in each of his hand. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

07:03 United States

Most Consecutive Football Catches While Riding A Unicycle


Samuel caught consecutive 127 football passes while riding a unicycle. He learned to ride a unicycle when he got one as a Christmas present from his Nana and papa.

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