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02:42 United States

Largest Marshmallow Fight

Ben Grange

A group of 1,198 people had a marshmallow fight in Lehi, Utah. They set the record to celebrate the release of "The Candy Shop War" by Brandon Mull. A total of 2,004 pounds of marshmallows supplied by Fresh Market were used. The war lasted for 30 minutes.

02:51 United States

Largest Water Fight

Nathan Sukonik

Nathan Sukonik and 12,804 people gathered at Central Park in New York City armed with water guns and sprayed water to each other. They set the record to celebrate the start of summer season. Read more about the event here.

United States

Largest Collection Of Fighting Genre Video Games

Paul Kownacki

Paul K. has 244 video games in his collection, each in the fighting genre. His collection includes games from different platforms like NES, Wii, Playstation, and PC.


Fastest Warrior To Win 11 Fights In Arcade Mode Of "Soul Edge"


Cegace's game character in Soul Edge won 11 fights in 39.96 seconds.

00:22 United States

Shortest Pillow Fight


Thomas McGinniss and Josh Graber had a pillow fight that lasted 1.40 seconds.

04:15 South Africa

Most People Having A Sword Fight With Glow Sticks In Slow Motion To The Song "Chariots Of Fire"

Union MBC

During their World Records Night in one of their Friday Night Youth Ministry events, 81 members of Union MBC Youth had a sword fight with glow sticks[] in slow motion to the song of Chariots of Fire.


Largest Hotel Room Pillow Fight

Earline Stephen

Earline Stephen, Zennia Datulayta, Karen Paz, Rene Alexander Paz, Rob Birdsong, and six other people had a pillow fight in a hotel room. The record was set at Yotel in New York City.

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