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02:02 United States

Longest Time Balancing Loveseat On Chin

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a loveseat on his chin for 6.10 seconds. NOTE: Placing large amounts of weight on your chin and neck muscles can lead to serious injury. This record should only attempted by trained professionals. Medical supervision is highly recommended. tag:RecordSetterBook01

00:45 United States

Most People Making Hand Masks While On A Couch

Travis Owen

A total of 24 students of Travis Owen made hand masks using their fingers while sitting on a couch. They set the record as part of the Winter Blast 2012 activities with Cy-Fair Christian Church.

01:44 United States

Most Socks And Beanies Thrown At A Couch

MatRobJonMat Jalazoclaus

Matt, Rob, Jon, and Matt threw 101 socks and beanies at a couch.

00:29 Netherlands

Most Times Slapping A Couch In 30 Seconds

Yannick Hoff

Yannick H. slapped a couch 382 times in 30 seconds.

05:23 United States

Longest Time To Spin A Sofa Cushion On Finger

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey spun a sofa cusion on his finger for five minutes, 17.25 seconds.

00:39 United States

Most Cannonballs Onto A Couch In 30 Seconds

Aaron Thomas

Aaron T. performed 19 cannonball jumps onto a couch in 30 seconds.

00:54 Tanzania

Most Front Flips On A Couch In One Minute

Ian Madekufamba

Ian M. performed 13 front flips on a couch in one minute.

01:38 United States

Longest Time Sitting On A Couch While Holding An Electric Bass Guitar And Half-Inch Metal Screw In Each Nostril

Micah Chorost

Micah C. sat on a couch for one minute, 36.25 seconds while holding an electric bass guitar and half-inch metal screw in each nostril.

01:46 United States

Most Mounted Animals Placed On A Couch

Andy Pelphrey

Andy Pelphrey sat on a couch with seven mounted animals.

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