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Tallest Cylindrical Coin Tower

Radu Vucea

Radu V. created a cylindrical coin tower measuring 33.5 centimeters tall.

00:50 South Africa

Most Coins Balanced On Shoulder

Petrus Jansen van Vuuren

Petrus J. balanced 33 coins on his shoulder.

04:21 United States

Most Pennies Stacked In A Shot Glass

Tai Star

Tai Star stacked 97 pennies in a shot glass.

01:16 United States

Largest US Quarter Coin Pyramid

Tai Star

Tai Star built a pyramid using 700 U.S. quarter coins.

00:25 United States

Largest Collection Of 25 Paise Coins

Bhavesh gandhi

Bhavesh G. has a collection of 61,111 25 paise coins from India.

United States

Most American Quarters Balanced On Nose At Once

james hammond

James H. balanced six American quarters on his nose at once.

02:59 United States

Longest Time For A Coin To Spin In A Bike Tire

Tai Star

Tai Star put a coin in a bike tire and spun the tire with the coin for two minutes, 24.19 seconds.

00:32 United States

Most One-Handed Coin Rolls Using Two Eisenhower Silver Dollars In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 13 one-handed coin rolls using two Eisenhower silver dollars in 30 seconds.

02:05 United States

Fastest Time To Perform The "Holy Moly" To "Holy Stretch" Routine

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed the "Holy Moly" to "Holy Stretch" routine in one minute, 6.19 seconds.

00:30 United States

Most Eisenhower Silver Dollar Coins Rolls In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 19 coin rolls with an Eisenhower silver dollar in 30 seconds.

02:35 United States

Most Pennies Balanced Vertically On A Nickel

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced 16 pennies vertically on top of a nickel.

03:18 United States

Longest Time To Keep A Coin Rolling On A Trampoline

Tai Star

Tai Star kept a coin rolling on a trampoline for three minutes, 9.28 seconds.

01:01 United States

Most One-Handed Tandem Eisenhower Dollar Coin Rolls In One Minute

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed 25 one-handed tandem Eisenhower dollar coin rolls in one minute.

01:03 United States

Most Four-Coin Roll Downs Using Poker Chips In 30 Seconds

Rich Ferguson

Rich Ferguson completed nine four-coin roll downs in 30 seconds using poker chips.

11:00 United States

Longest Time To Balance 15 American Quarters On Index Finger

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced 15 American quarters on his index finger for 10 minutes, 10.12 seconds.

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