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A fruit that grows in the tropics.

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00:12 United States

Most Times Playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" On A Harpsichord With One Hand While Eating A Banana In One Minute

Charlie Sands

Charlie Sands played "Mary Had A Little Lamb" 13 times on a harpsichord with one hand while eating a banana in one minute.

02:50 United States

Farthest Distance To Throw A Banana While On A Rola Bola

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey threw a banana 832.5 inches (69 feet 4.5 inches) while on a rola bola.

02:23 Wales

Farthest Distance To Hit An Onion Using A Banana

Mark Evans

Mark Evans hit an onion 694 inches (57.83 feet) using a banana.

01:33 United States

Longest Banana Throw


JK's friend Michael threw a banana a distance of 205 feet (2,460 inches). He set the record at Belleville West High School race track in Belleville, Illinois.

00:21 United States

Fastest Time To Vertically Split A Banana Three Ways

Sarah Jellyman

Sarah Jellyman vertically split a banana three ways in 8.28 seconds.

02:45 England

Longest "March of the Mods" Led By Someone Dressed In A Banana Suit


Dressed in a banana suit, Alex Clayton led 96 people in dancing to March of the Mods.

00:12 United States

Most Bananas Flashed In A Juggling Pattern

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey flashed five bananas in a juggling pattern.

00:13 United States

Most Bananas Juggled At Once

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey juggled four bananas at once.

00:41 India

Most Bananas Broken In Half In 30 Seconds

Ankur Singh

Ankur S. broke 34 bananas in half in 30 seconds.

01:35 India

Most Bananas Broken In Half In One Minute

Ankur Singh

Ankur S. broke 75 bananas in half in one minute.

09:59 Pakistan

Most Bananas Eaten In One Sitting

Muhammad Malook

Muhammad Malook ate 33 bananas in one sitting. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

01:47 United States

Most Bananas Caught In One Minute While Blindfolded

Dan Bartlett

Dan B. led his friend to catch 21 bananas in one minute while blindfolded. He set the record at Russell McDowell School with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students for their Core Essentials Assembly.

00:37 United States

Most Bananas Given Out By Someone In A Gorilla Costume

Bay to Breakers

At the Bay to Breakers road race in San Francisco, California, 21 bananas were given out to set a world record for Most Bananas Given Out By Someone In A Gorilla Costume. The record was one of 40 set that day, allowing the race to set an additional record for “Most World Records Set at a Road Race.” See all 40 records at

02:41 United States

Tallest Banana Tower

Jonathan Mireles

Jonathan M. made a banana tower 32 bananas in height.

05:46 Australia

Most Bananas Fit In Pants While Wearing Them

Shaun McManus

Shaun McManus, a radio DJ at Nova 93.7 in Perth, Australia, fit 273 bananas in his pants at once.

00:43 United States

Most Bananas In A Crock-Pot

Matthew F.

Banana enthusiast Matthew F. fit 12 bananas in a Crock Pot at once, a new world record.

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