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The Next Web, With a new book, RecordSetter is this generation's Guinness World Records

"RecordSetter, the company that hosts all of these records, is this generation's Guinness World Record. And much like Wikipedia replaced the Encyclopedia Britannica, RecordSetter could render Guinness obsolete."

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NPR, Through RecordSetter, Everyone Can Be World Champ

"I think looking at us as kind of the Wikipedia to Guinness' Encyclopedia Britannica is a good analogy," he says." It's just a much more open and democratic platform for world records."

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Businessweek, URDB Takes on Guinness World Records

"...a website that's threatening to usurp the London-based behemoth's 56-year hegemony of the world-record industry: the Universal Record Database (, the superlative compendium of the Information Age."

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TechCrunch, What's Your World Record?

"Having your very own world record is probably something you never knew you wanted. But if you think about it, who wouldn't want to be the world's best at something? ...Over 1,000 wild and wacky world records have been set on [RecordSetter]."

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