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Longest Skype Video Chat

United States

Alex Foltyn and her friend kept a Skype video chat open for 240 hours, 10 minute and 23 seconds.

Longest OoVoo Video Chat

United States

Randy Chung talked to his friend on OoVoo for 99 hours and 27 minutes, 58 seconds, a total time of four days.

Highest Score In "Solitaire"


Yury C. scored 28,606 points in Solitaire.

Largest Group To Check In At Same Venue On Foursquare At Once

00:21 United States

814 University of Nebraska students checked in on Foursquare to the Big Boi concert on October 14, 2010. More info here.

Highest Solitaire Score Using A Windows Mobile Device

United States

Oliver Schwend scored 9441 points in a game of solitaire on his Windows Mobile device.

Fastest Time To Publish A Document To A Website

00:5 Canada

Tim Kloske created, saved and published a document to a website in 4.38 seconds.

Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition "Wired" Questions Answered Correctly In One Minute

01:43 United States

Jeff Rubin answered 15 Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition “Wired” questions correctly in one minute. For a limited time, Rubin and his employer College Humor will donate $100 to charity in the name of anyone who can beat this record.

Most Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Certificates Received

00:24 India

Abhishant Kumar has eight Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certificates.

Most Cisco Certificates Received

00:04 India

Abhishant Kumar received nine Cisco Systems certificates.

Most Rows In A Single Database Table

United States

See full-sized image here.

Most Foursquare Check-Ins At A Single Location

United States

Mattias S. checked in 269 times at a place using Foursquare.

Fewest Attempts Needed To Stop iPhone Stopwatch At Exactly 1.0 Seconds

00:11 United States

Taj Ubom got his iPhone stopwatch to stop at exactly 1.0 seconds on his first attempt.

Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition "Viewing" Questions Answered Correctly In One Minute

02:01 United States

Richmond Bramblet answered 15Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition “Viewing” questions correctly in one minute. The “Viewing” category is described in the game as “the stuff you watched.”

Shortest Podcast

United States

Listen to this episode here. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Foursquare Check-Ins In An Hour

United States

Chase Peterson checked in 15 times on Foursquare in one hour during an afternoon walk in San Diego, California.

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