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Most Annotated Genome

United States

5094 annotated genes have been documented in David Ewing Duncan’s genome, a new world record. His DNA has been read by three different companies, who’ve collectively checked 1.7 million locations out of the 3 billion positions of his DNA. His report from SNPedia can be read here. The record was documented on June 7, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Mike Carioso, curator of SNPedia, was present to serve as the witness.

Fastest Time For A Robot To Frost A Cupcake

01:43 United States

Bre Pettis of MakerBot Industries built a robot that frosted a cupcake in 52.27 seconds. The intent was for the robot to decorate the entire top of the cupcake, but due to an unfortunate technical glitch, it didn’t perform as anticipated. The feat was performed on June 26, 2009 in New York City during the taping of a URDB segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Dan Rollman was present as a witness. tag:JF02, tag:lnwjf

Most @Replies In A Single Tweet

United States

Morgan Jones replied 47 times to the Twitter user ‘a’.

Most Computer Resource Specialists Doing The Wave

00:36 United States

106 computer resource specialists performed the wave for 30 seconds. The group consisted of computer resource specialists from Virginia Beach City Public Schools[].

Largest Group To Check In At Same Venue On Foursquare At Once

00:21 United States

814 University of Nebraska students checked in on Foursquare to the Big Boi concert on October 14, 2010. More info here.

Fastest Time To Publish A Document To A Website

00:5 Canada

Tim Kloske created, saved and published a document to a website in 4.38 seconds.

Shortest Podcast

United States

Listen to this episode here. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition "Wired" Questions Answered Correctly In One Minute

01:43 United States

Jeff Rubin answered 15 Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition “Wired” questions correctly in one minute. For a limited time, Rubin and his employer College Humor will donate $100 to charity in the name of anyone who can beat this record.

Highest Solitaire Score Using A Windows Mobile Device

United States

Oliver Schwend scored 9441 points in a game of solitaire on his Windows Mobile device.

Most Foursquare Check-Ins At A Single Location

United States

Mattias S. checked in 269 times at a place using Foursquare.

Longest Skype Video Chat

United States

Alex Foltyn and her friend kept a Skype video chat open for 240 hours, 10 minute and 23 seconds.

Most Rows In A Single Database Table

United States

See full-sized image here.

Most Tweeted Hoax

United States

On March 13, 2010, during the The Bigg Digg Shindigg held as part of the South By Southwest Interactivefestival, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young and Brett Rounsaville asked the crowd to participate in the world’s largest Twitter hoax. The idea of the hoax was to trick people into thinking Conan O’Brien had joined Internet television company Revision 3. 525 tweets containing the hashtag ‘#omgconan’ were sent in next three hours, making it a Trending Topic on Twitter.RecordSetter president Dan Rollman was present as a witness. The count of 525 was taken using Twitter’s Advanced Search, tracking the hashtag #omgconan between 9 and 12 PM CST. 1000’s of other tweets related to the hoax followed, but they were not included in the final count. Read a CNET news story on the hoax here. #ATXDiggnation01

Longest OoVoo Video Chat

United States

Randy Chung talked to his friend on OoVoo for 99 hours and 27 minutes, 58 seconds, a total time of four days.

Most Browser Windows Opened In One Minute

01:46 United States

Brett Walling from Citizen Effect opened 49 separate browser windows in one minute. tag:RecordSetterBook01

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