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Most Consecutive Waboba Flyer Volleys

01:58 United States

Ross and Jenny completed 132 consecutive Waboba Flyer volleys.

Most "Skill Toys" Used In One Minute

United States

Jæ Ɇs used 24 different skill toys in one minute.

Longest Time For A Slinky To Travel On A Treadmill

03:21 United States

Daniel Burke's slinky traveled on a treadmill for three minutes, 19.15 seconds. See more of Daniel's videos here.

Longest Time To Balance Cross-Legged On A Slackline

16:25 United States

Mikhel B. balanced cross-legged on a slackline for 16 minutes, 3.63 seconds.

Highest Unicycle Freemount

00:29 New Zealand

Nicholas Steward freemounted a unicycle 2.5 meters in height.

Longest Time Swallowing A Sword While Balanced On A Rola Bola

01:58 New Zealand

Nick Steward swallowed a sword for one minute, 36.41 seconds while balancing on a rola bola.

Most Consecutive Paddle Ball Hits While Blindfolded

01:23 United States

Paddle Ball King hit a paddle ball 119 consecutive times while blindfolded.

Most Myachi Hand Loops In 30 Seconds

00:45 United States

Ryan Weissman completed 50 Myachi hand loops in 30 seconds.

Fastest 100-Meter Dash While Juggling Overhead

00:30 United States

Nate T. completed a 100-meter run in 25.10 seconds while juggling three balls overhead.

Most Kendama Spikes Completed In One Minute

00:22 United States

Merrick Tovey completed 15 Tomeken, or spike catches, with a kendama in one minute.

Most Consecutive Boomerang Mouth Catches

01:06 United States

David Cain threw a boomerang and caught it in his mouth three times.

Longest Time To Hover A Beach Ball Using Leaf Blower Balanced On Forehead

00:53 United States

Brian Pankey hovered a beach ball for 41.20 seconds using a leaf blower balanced on his forehead.

Most Consecutive Devil Stick Leg Revolutions

01:53 Germany

Lukas R. completed 163 consecutive leg revolutions using devil sticks.

Most Consecutive Myachi Hand Loops

00:27 Canada

Dan Rollman performed two consecutive Myachi hand loops.

Most Charlier Cuts In One Minute Using A Double Deck Of Cards

01:33 India

Kamal Mohd completed 52 Charlier Cuts in one minute using a double deck of cards.

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