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Most Individual Swords Swallowed In 30 Seconds

01:04 Canada

Ryan Stock swallowed nine swords in 30 seconds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Most Stiletto Knife Tapping Sets Between Fingers In 30 Seconds

00:56 Canada

Ryan Stock completed 23 stiletto knife tapping sets between his fingers in 30 seconds. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. Please use proper safety precautions.

Youngest Plate Spinner


Twenty-one-month-old Ethan Cain spun a plate in the air, performing several tricks as it was spinning.

Most Bunny Hops On A Bicycle In One Minute

01:03 United States

Ryan Richardson performed 40 bunny hops in his bicycle in one minute.

Most Dogs Playing Dead At Once

01:43 United States

A total of 11 dogs played dead at once during Play-Dead-a-Palooza, an event organized by Bixbi. They set the record to raise awareness about dog deaths due to contamination from jerky pet treats made in China. RecordSetter President Dan Rollman was present to adjudicate the attempt. Learn more about the issue here.

Most Ollies In One Minute

01:03 United States

TheSkaterG performed 76 ollies in one minute.

Most Around-The-Hand Diabolo Tricks In 30 Seconds

00:31 United States

Julian K. performed 56 around-the-hand diabolo tricks in 30 seconds.

Most Diabolo "Cat's Cradles" In One Minute

01:05 United States

Ryan G. performed 17 diabolo ‘cat’s cradles’ in one minute.

Longest Basketball Bank Shot

00:15 United States

David Crawford successfully banked a basketball shot off wall 42 feet away from the basket. See a diagram of basketball court and dimensions here.

Most Basketball Trick Shots Made In Iraq

02:18 United States

Soldier G. Christopher made 17 basketball trick shots while serving on duty in Iraq.

Most Consecutive Boneless 180s On A Longboard

01:49 United States

TheSkaterG performed 30 Boneless 180 tricks on a longboard.

Youngest Fire Breather

00:05 United States

Catalina Freue performed a fire-breathing trick when she was just 12 years, 3 months, and 11 days old. NOTE: Fire-breathing is dangerous and should only be attempted with supervision, safety precautions and proper training.

Most Blunt Skateboard Tricks In A Single Combo

00:39 United States

TheSkaterG performed six blunts in a single combo.

Most Dog Tricks Completed With Non-Verbal Commands In One Minute

01:52 United States

Kim Mayes's dog, Seppala, completed 23 tricks in one minute using non-verbal command cues.

Most Consecutive Tricks Performed By A Dog

03:17 United States

Kim Mayes’ dog Seppala completed 52 tricks in succession.

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