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Most Coins Balanced On A Dime

05:25 United States

Tai Star balanced 3,837 coins on a single dime.

Longest Time Balancing On A Casterboard While Singing And Playing A Ukulele

01:51 United States

Zhen C. balanced on a casterboard for one minute, 30.06 seconds while singing and playing a ukulele.

Tallest Toilet Paper Tower

08:34 Canada

Doug McManaman built a tower using 24 rolls of toilet paper.

Longest Time Supporting Oneself Between Parallel Walls

06:16 United States

Louis B. climbed between two walls and stayed balanced for six minutes, 0.79 second.

Longest Time To Balance A Sword On A Swallowed Sword

01:13 Canada

Ryan Stock swallowed a sword and balanced another sword on top of it for 19.53 seconds. NOTE: Sword swallowing is dangerous, please do not attempt these records without proper training, supervision and safety precautions.

Longest Time Balancing On A Large Ball

14:55 United States

Stephen Smith balanced on a large ball and remained in place for 24 hours, 54 minutes, 29.00 seconds. He set the record to raise funds for Pueblo Children's Chorale. Read more about the feat here. NOTE: Video courtesy of Open Channel Content.

Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Tower Held In Hand

06:41 Canada

Doug McManaman held 15 toilet paper rolls in one hand.

Longest Time To Perform One-Armed Halfway Chin-Up Isometric L-Hold With An Egg On A Spoon Held In The Mouth

00:12 United States

Alicia Weber performed a one-armed halfway chin-up isometric L-hold for 11.69 seconds with a raw egg held on a spoon in her mouth.

Longest Time Balancing Machete On Tongue

05:32 United States

Brian Pankey balanced a machete on his tongue for four minutes, 54.69 seconds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Tallest Toothpick Tower

00:54 United States

Brett Kanter built a tower of toothpicks 200 stories in height. Each story consists of two toothpicks.

Tallest Styrofoam Cup Tower Balanced On Chin

00:34 United States

Chris S. balanced a tower of 210 styrofoam cups on his chin.

Longest Time Supporting Oneself In Door Frame

United States

Jake T. climbed in a door frame and stayed balanced for 36 minutes, 7.30 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance An Upside-Down Shoe On Top Of Head

2:00:39 United States

Robert M. balanced an upside-down shoe on top of his head for two hours, 23.00 seconds.

Tallest Stuffed Animal Tower

03:07 United States

Gaby stacked 17 stuffed animals in a tower.

Most Catches Juggling Three Clubs While Swallowing A Sword And Balancing On A Rola Bola

01:56 Australia

Aerial Manx made 20 catches juggling three clubs while swallowing a sword and balancing on a rola bola. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

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