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Longest Time To Stand Straight On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary stood straight on his father’s shoulders for 11 minutes, 10.73 seconds.

Largest Group To Sing "Happy Birthday" While Standing On One Foot

00:33 United States

Rob Roush led 510 people from Camp Revolution to stand on one foot and sing "Happy Birthday" to their friend.

Longest Time Standing With Leg Behind Head

22:24 India

Sagar stood with his leg behind his head for 21 minutes, 33.35 seconds.

Longest Time To Stand On One Foot On A Fallen Tree

08:01 United States

Tai Star stood on one foot on a fallen tree for six minutes, 38.78 seconds.

Most Curl-Ups With A 135-Pound Barbell While Standing

01:00 United States

Clint P. performed 21 curl-ups with a 135-pound barbell while standing.

Longest Time Propeller Spinning Two Devil Sticks While Standing On A Slackline

United States

Peter Brunette maintained two devil sticks in propeller spins for 7.62 seconds while standing on a slackline.

Fastest Time To Count To 50 While Standing On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary counted from 1 to 50 in 18.11 seconds while standing straight on his seated father’s shoulders.

Longest Paper Clip Toss Between Legs Into A Glass Jar

00:38 United States

Alex tossed a paper clip between his legs and into a glass jar positioned 10 feet away.

Most Split-Level Partner Jump Rope Jumps

00:20 United States

Thom Wall and Jeremy Fein completed six split-level partner jump rope jumps.

Longest Time Holding Right Foot With Right Hand While Balancing On A Slackline With A Bird On Shoulder

01:06 United States

Tai Star held his right foot with his right hand while he balanced on a slackline for 18.47 seconds with a bird on his shoulder.

Longest Chain Of People Standing On One Foot And Eating Apples

01:18 United States

Melanie and her family formed a chain while standing on one foot and eating apples.

Fastest Time To Stand Up And Tip Over A Barrel Three Times While Balancing On The Barrel

01:08 United States

Tai Star stood up and tipped over a barrel three times in 35.19 seconds while balancing on the barrel.

Longest Time To Stand On Four Empty Soda Cans

04:39 United States

FunkyPriest4 stood on four empty soda cans for four minutes, 14.25 seconds.

Longest Time Standing On One Foot By A 14-Year-Old

16:37 United States

14-year-old Jacqueline stood on one foot for 16 minutes, 37.13 seconds.

Most Torches Extinguished By Hand In 30 Seconds While Standing On Broken Glass

01:02 United States

Keenan Messmer extinguished a lit torch with his hand 56 times in 30 seconds while standing on broken glass. NOTE: This feat is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals with safety precautions on hand.

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