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Most Paw Handshakes By A Dog In 30 Seconds

01:14 United States

Caitlin Pearl coaxed her dog Honey to give her 21 handshakes in 30 seconds.

Fastest 1/4 Mile Bike Ride With Dog

03:38 United States

Art Hoffman completed a 1/4 mile bike ride with his dog Chenji in 58.87 seconds.

Most High-Fives From A Dog In 30 Seconds

00:51 United States

Kim Mayes received 20 high-fives from his dog, Riddick, in 30 seconds.

Most Dog-Themed Jokes Told In One Minute Using a Dog Avatar

01:43 United States

Simon Kirk told one dog-themed joke in a minute using a dog avatar.

Most Bambas Fed To A Dog

00:34 United States

Art Hoffman fed his dog 20 Bamba snacks. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Fastest Time To Write "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" Five Times

01:28 Nepal

Nikesh Thapaliya wrote the sentence quot;The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogquot; five times in 50.81 seconds.

Most People Walking A Dog At Once

02:56 United States

To celebrate Camp Alvernia's 125th summer, 125 members walked a dog at once. They set the record as part of Project 125, a campaign to raise $125,000 for children who would not normally be able to afford to go to camp. Learn more about Camp Alvernia and Project 125 here.

Fastest Time To Carry A Saint Bernard 50 Feet

00:11 United States

Clint Poore carried his Saint Bernard, Ezekiel, 50 feet in 5.62 seconds.

Longest Tube Ride By A Maltipoo

04:05 United States

Derek Volk's maltipoo, Winnie, rode in a tube for three minutes, 10.17 seconds.

Farthest Dirt Bike Wheelie While Riding With Two Puppies And Playing A Harmonica

00:22 United States

Jared performed a 16-foot dirt bike wheelie while riding with two puppies and playing a harmonica.

Most Bounces Of A Baseball Off Of The Side Of A Building In 30 Seconds While Petting A Dog

01:29 United States

Andy Pelphrey bounced a baseball off the side of a building 51 times in 30 seconds while petting a dog.

Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One's Abdomen

02:14 United States

Scott Skitch’s dog licked Scott’s abdomen for two minutes, 14.00 seconds.

Oldest Person To Exhibit Their Dog At An American Kennel Club Dog Show

02:13 United States

81-year-old Cherie Oney exhibited her dog at an American Kennel Club dog show.

Largest Dog-Friendly Communal Dining Experience

01:20 United States

As part of a Chef Michael's world record event held at PetFest in Bridgehampton, New York, 224 people gathered and set a new world record for Largest Dog-Friendly Communal Dining Experience. RecordSetter officials Ella Morton and Dan Rollman were present to count the participants and announce the record. @thefoodfordogs

Most Balloon Dogs Created In One Minute

02:28 United States

Rick Hessler constructed 13 balloon animal dogs in one minute.

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