On May 17th, Zappos made history at Bay to Breakers in San Francisco setting the world record for Most World Records Set at a Road Race.

Zappos has partnered with, the world record organization that believes everyone can be world’s best at something.

At Bay to Breakers, the following world records were set:

Most Bead Necklaces Worn At Once

Most Apples Given Out By Someone Dressed As Johnny Appleseed

Most Times For Two People To Swap Baseball Hats In 30 Seconds

Largest Kazoo Rendition Of “Eye of the Tiger”

Fastest Time To Tweet “I’m trying to become the world’s fastest tweeter.”

Most World Records Set During A Road Race

Most Runners High Fived In Ten Minutes

Most Cups Of Water Given To Runners In Five Minutes

Most Runners Told “You Da’ Man!” In Five Minutes

Most People Complimented By A Employee In Five Minutes

Most Runners Fist Bumped At The End Of A Road Race

Largest Potato Chip Sharing Circle

Largest Meow Rendition Of “Don’t Stop Believin’”

Largest Group Of Runners To Reenact The Slo-Motion Scene From "Chariots of Fire"

Most Selfies Taken With People Who've Finished A Road Race

Most Articles Of Rainbow Clothing Worn At Once

Most Race Bibs Worn At Once

Largest Shoelace Tying Circle

Most People Dancing “The Robot” Without Listening To Music

Most Bananas Given Out By Someone In A Gorilla Costume

Longest Centipede Limbo Line

Most Race Medals Worn At Once

Most “Peace” Buttons Worn At Once

Most Googly Eyes On A T-Shirt

Most People To Drink From A Coconut Water Ice Luge

Most Googly Eyes On A Skirt

Most Articles Of Tie-Dye Clothing Worn At Once

Most People Wearing Fake Mustaches To Scream “We Love Tom Selleck!”

Largest Group To Say “Live Long and Prosper” While Wearing Spock Ears

Most Zappos Delivery Boxes Held At Once

Most Inflatable Sea Lions Crowdsurfing At Once

Most Duos To Share A Piece Of Spaghetti “Lady and the Tramp” Style At Once

Largest Group Non-Dominant Hand Toast

Largest Group Laughing To Raise Their Heart Rates

Largest Rice-a-Roni Percussion Group

Largest Chinese Finger Trap Circle

Longest One-Armed Conga Line

Most People To Sign A Birthday Card With Their Non-Dominant Hand

Most People Jumping Over A Jump Rope While Standing On One Leg

Most People To Do Squats At Once

Fastest Time To Say "She Sells Seashells by the Seashore" Five Times

Fastest Time To Try On Five Pairs Of Shoes

Longest Squat While Wearing High Heels

Most San Francisco Landmarks Named In 15 Seconds

Tallest Zappos Delivery Box Tower Stacked In 15 Seconds

Fastest Time To Put On A Race Bib While Wearing Mittens

Longest Time Juggling Three Loaves Of Sourdough Bread