Most Turkey Eaten In 10 Minutes

Japan Takeru Kobayashi


New York City, New York, United States / November 23, 2011

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi ate 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, a new RecordSetter World Record. He set the record to raise awareness and funds to combat hunger worldwide.

Kobayashi performed the feat on Thanksgiving Eve before a live audience at Turtle Bay in New York City. RecordSetter Council president Dan Rollman and senior official Rob Birdsong presided over the attempt.

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NOTE: Competitive eating is dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are professionally trained. Read more about the sport here.

- must weigh turkey before and after attempt
- must eat meat directly off the bone (processed or pre-sliced turkey not permitted)
- weight is measured by subtracting final weight from original weight
- use of utensils not permitted
- drinking of liquids permitted
- turkey that is in mouth when time is up may be counted as long as it swallowed
- vomiting is grounds for disqualification


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