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Longest Staring Contest By Siblings Wearing Soccer Jerseys

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Lake Dallas, Texas, United States / December 21, 2011

Meredith Jeter and her brother had a staring contest that lasted 29.2 seconds. They held the contest while wearing soccer jerseys.

- participants must be siblings
- participants must wear soccer jerseys
- time starts when both participants are gazing at each other
- time stops when either person laughs or blinks


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  • United States Tahar Haiki

    hmmmm looks ez

  • United States dragon slayer

    I have a goal to break this record. I just think it is amasing when everyone has a futier goal

  • The Internet Anona Mouse

    lol awesome job you guys ive held it longer though at 2 min 18 sec i have it on video again good job :)

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