Farthest Saliva Spit

United States Alex Pina


Phoenix, Arizona, United States / September 16, 2017

Alex P. spat his saliva a distance of 264 inches (22 feet).

- must use plain saliva only; no object or item may be spat
- must show distance measurement
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Thomas Morrison

    Thomas Morrison

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  • United States Divere


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  • England David Parnham

    David Parnham

    Av just spit 360 inch easily sat down matey pissball without even trying !

  • United States Lisa Abel

    Lisa Abel

    So what's the record? Are the men and women, challenges together? Hope someone can help w/ these questions? Thanks in advance! LA

  • Serbia Marko Jovanović

    Marko Jovanović

    Gonna beat it

  • United States John garcia

    John garcia

    If that's the record then I beat it already with a distance of 13 feet

  • United States Lizbeth


    what is your name

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