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Most Finger Snaps In 15 Seconds

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Weston, Florida, United States / June 16, 2012

Fernando Lacerda snapped his fingers 82 times in 15 seconds.

- may only snap using thumb and either index, middle, or ring finger
- each snap must be audible
- may only use one hand


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  • The Internet Pedro Bach

    I just timed myself randomly and got 127 - will post video when i get to it, could probably do even more with practice

    also, watch out on the 1 minute record, morten...

  • Norway Morten Bentsen

    An overview of the last records in this category: Matthew: 101 snaps in 16 seconds, 18. February this year. Morten: 107 snaps in 15 seconds, 10. March. Matthew: 111 snaps in 16 seconds, 6. August. Morten: 112 snaps in 16 seconds, 8. September.

    I suggest that Record Setter goes through these records and decide if they want to change this record category to 16 seconds instead of 15. It's quite clear, Matthew, that your last two results in this category are impressive. Your records in here have made me practise even more in order to improve my results. As I wrote in August last year, I am not a fan of this record category.

  • The Internet Matthew Allen

    I commend this record, although, again, I am certain the number of snaps said to be is too many, making it incorrect. I know of a way to count snaps very efficiently, and i can honestly say, my friendly snapping colleague, you did not make it to 112, even WITH the added .5 seconds. Seeing as it is an accepted record, I will attempt this feat again. Good show either way.

  • United States Matthew Allen

    I did not really thoroughly count this record's snaps until today. This is another exaggeration of snaps... I am absolutely positive there is no more than 105 snaps in this attempt...worst part is I always round down when I feel it may be perceived as illegitimate...Example: I recently did 704 snaps with two hands, submitted it and everything. Truth be told it would suffice as a new record but in actuality I had snapped more than 710 in that minute. I do not intend to add snaps, but I do intend to break records. I feel more should be done to ensure proper proof and a valid count.

  • The Internet Matthew Allen

    All you have to do is count 10, then pause, another 10, pause, another, etc., then, the remainder. It was more arithmetic than counting. It is his total that is absolutely astounding in amount, and I was figuring how many he would need to do per second to achieve that amount. The current record is nearly unbeatable, and I can say that with utmost confidence.

  • United States Nate Tower

    How can you even count that fast?

  • United States Matthew Allen

    That is almost certainly 2-3 snaps higher than I, most likely, will ever have the potential to do. In 15 seconds, that is 7 snaps a second for 13 seconds, and 8 snaps for 2 seconds, wherever the 8 snaps be snapped. This was refreshing, and although I probably will never beat this current record, I can faintly hear the spirit of RecordSetter calling me to attempt such a feat. Cheers to you, Morten, for snapping your way to RecordSetter history! Huzzah! Hurrah!

  • United States Jason A Faulkner

    That wuz cool!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Awww, snap! Nicely done, Matthew. Morten, will you try to reclaim your record?

  • Norway Morten Bentsen

    Congratulations, Matthew, with your new record.

    • The Internet Matthew Allen

      Thank you ever so kindly, Morten! My goodness, 100 snaps would be intensely difficult to beat! This should be called "The Snapping Sprint" record or something funky haha

  • United States Emily Patricia

    You are. the snapping KING!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Morten The spirit of RecordSetter gives people the freedom to invent new records. There are those who'd rather be competitive against others, and those who want to invent new categories. I understand your feelings that 10 versus 15 seconds isn't worthwhile, but we'll leave that up to the community to figure out.

  • Norway Morten Bentsen

    Why is this a record? I don't see the point making up a new record category. What's the difference between 10 and 15 seconds?

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