Most Times Saying "Obama" In 15 Seconds


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Santiago, Greater Santiago, Chile / November 1, 2009

Paula Ulloa said the word "Obama" 38 times in 15 seconds.


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  • United States Micro OOF

    i tried and i kept saying vamo or obam or obamama oof

  • The Internet R3C0RDBR3@K3R

    I can even see your mouth move the way it would if you were to pronounce the "V" sound

  • The Internet R3C0RDBR3@K3R

    It sounds like you are saying "vamo" "vamo" vamo" I think it would be more successful if you actually said "Obama"

  • United States Corey Henderson

    The start and the end are a bit rough. I vote to deny this attempt.

  • United States Brandon Landon

    I don't think this count as a record cause I can't even tell what shes saying most of the time.

  • what the heck?

  • WOO!! Go LEAM!!!!!

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