Longest Inflight Announcement Made With A Single Breath

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Seattle, Washington, United States / June 25, 2010

Full Script:
Ladies and Gentleman, JetBlue Airways welcomes you to BOSTON. The local time is 12:15. The weather is partly cloudy and 71 degrees. Please keep your seatbelt fastened and carry-on items stowed until the seatbelt sign is turned off. Be careful when opening overhead bins, as those items tend to move during flight. If this is your final destination on JetBlue, your checked baggage may be claimed at carousel number 3. If you have a bag tag that says ldquo;CLAIM AT GATE,rdquo; you may claim those items outside the front aircraft door. For those Customers needing special assistance deplaning the aircraft, please remain comfortably seated once we arrive at the gate so we may better assist you. At this time, you are welcome to use your cell phone if it is readily accessible. Also, our crewmembers would appreciate it if each passenger could take their personal belongings with them as they deplane. These items include, but are not limited to: books, magazines, small pieces of wood, plastic trumpets and, of course, fog machines. Wersquo;d also like to mention that our pilots will be at the front of the plane. Be sure to give them a high five and shout your favorite catchphrase from television sitcoms of the rsquo;70s and rsquo;80s as you pass by. Our personal favorite is ldquo;DYNOMITE!rdquo; but really itrsquo;s entirely up to you. Once again, thank you for flying JetBlue. We look forward to serving you again in the future. Have a great day. Watch your step. And happy trails

- must read transcript
- allowed one and only one breathe
- "12:15" counts as one word


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