Fastest Time To Read Every Location JetBlue Flies To Nonstop From Boston


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Nieuwpoort, East Flanders, Belgium / April 3, 2013

VTKlustrum read all 39 locations JetBlue flies to nonstop out of Boston in 13.31 seconds.


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Mark, thanks for speaking your mind. Our mission is to continue improving this site for our community. We're doing everything we can to build the true home of human achievement. As part of this journey, doing partnerships with brands like JetBlue will help us get there. Personally speaking, for what it's worth, I think we created some really fun new categories as part of the JetBlue event: Tallest Soda Can Tower Built In 30 Seconds, Longest Single-Breath Flight Announcement, etc. I'm a fan of the records that were set, and hope people in our community will step up to challenge them. Keep comments like this coming, and let us know if/when you think we're wandering too far off the track. We're always open to hearing your thoughts. dr

  • Well, URDB is selling out now. There are far too many JetBlue-only records.

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