Most Baseballs Held In Hand (Palm Up)

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Westfield, Massachusetts, United States / May 14, 2017

Ethan F. held 15 baseballs in one hand at one once.

- must use standard baseballs
- no adhesive or outside support permitted
- must be held in bare hand
- palm must face upwards
- may not use wrist as support
- must hold all balls for at least two seconds
- must follow same form as current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Jimmy D’Amore

    My brother and I are the official Guiness Book record holders for this record with 10 baseballs in one hand. We set this record in 1991 and were published in the 1993 and 1994 editions of the book. The record was then closed by Guiness. While I congratulation Mr.Flaherty on his accomplishment, this evidence is not sufficient for Guiness and we had much stricter requirements.

  • The Internet Jason D'Amore

    Congratulations! I must say however that the video evidence here is not sufficient for Guinness. As I held this record with Guinness Book and their qualifications for proof were much stricter! Anyway, great job!

    • The Internet Jimmy D’Amore

      What about me bro? I HOLD it too. Not "held". Our guiness record still stands as this doesn't stand up to Guiness requirements.

  • The Internet Jeremy Hansen

    That pretty sweet! Just wanted to know how many you can do in one hand holding them upside down? Check out my Instagram hansenj1989 I gotten 7 in one hand upside down

  • The Internet Dave Parsons

    I have video of 4 different high school baseball players each with 10 balls at one time. We are going for 11 this year.

    Coach Dave Parsons Ontario High School Baseball Head Coach

  • United States Andy Pelphrey

    Good job brian! I could imagine playing a baseball game and the pitcher holding 10 baseballs in his hand getting ready to throw them all at once towards the plate!! I'm a big fan of yours and looked at alot of your records. I can honestly say that haveing the guy that holds the most world records break a record of mine that I helped think of is an honor. Way to go!!

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