Longest Time Juggling Three Balls While Blindfolded

United States


Rochester, New York, United States / September 28, 2012

Ben C. juggled three balls for six minutes, 41.34 seconds while blindfolded.

- balls must touch hands only
- must be completely blindfolded during attempt
- no outside assistance permitted
- may not drop balls or break pattern
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Corey Henderson

    Such a "drops mic" moment there at the end. Are you implying that you could go on indefinitely?

    • United States Ben Christensen

      Certainly not indefinitely. However I think I could best my own time.

    • The Internet Terry Donahue

      Nice run, Ben. Check out the blind juggling section of the Juggle Wiki for more examples and competition: http://juggle.wikia.com/wiki/Blindjuggling#Worldrecords

    • The Internet Terry Donahue

      The underscore character doesn't show up in these comments, so you have to add one between "blind" and "juggling" in the link above

  • England Janion Nevill

    It's true this isn't an official world record, it's just a bit of fun. For real world records go to Guinness.

  • The Internet Terry Donahue

    Blind juggling with 3 balls is a fairly common "games" competition at juggling conventions. A bunch of jugglers start at the same time and the last one juggling wins. Here are a couple examples (I'm unaware of publicly available video evidence for these):

    5 minutes 16 seconds by Joe Showers at the RIT Spring Juggle-in 2010 - http://ritjuggle.blogspot.ca/2010/04/33rd-rit-spring-juggle-in-review.html

    9 Minutes by Pat Squires at the 2001 International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Festival - http://www.juggle.org/history/champs/champs2001.php

  • The Internet Terry Donahue

    The Guinness record of 6:29 set by Neils Duinker in August 2011 was using 3 clubs, not 3 balls. You can view it on the Guinness website: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/records-4000/longest-duration-juggling-three-objects-blindfolded/ and there is a picture on Neils website: http://jongleur.nl/update-van-jongleur-niels-duinker-zomer-2011-jongleernieuwsbrief/

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Hey David, can you point us to the link of the Guinness Record you're talking about? And do you have a recording of you doing it over 10 minutes? That's awesome, you need to submit!

  • Italy Davide Penna

    wow david you're amazing!

  • United States David Cain

    Guinness record is 6 minutes, 29 seconds. I've done it for over ten minutes.

  • Italy Davide Penna

    Have you beaten this record?waiting for the time to try to beat that again!

  • United States Brian Pankey

    this record is already beaten by you know who intitials BP

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Very nice. Any ideas for your next record? Looks like this record is going to be on our homepage!

  • Italy Davide Penna

    i've been a juggler since august 2010...

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Hey Davide, welcome! How long have you been a juggler?

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