Most Instruments Played While Standing On One Hand

United States


Tucson, Arizona, United States / April 11, 2013

Tai Star played six instruments while standing on one hand. The instruments were conga, djembe, tankdrum, melodica, harmonica, and didgeridoo.

- must stand on one hand for duration of attempt
- each instrument must be unique; may not play two of the same instrument
- may use a wall as support
- must produce a proper tone sound or note for each instrument played


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  • Denmark Oliver Storm

    i would go for it if i had 7 instruments.. all i got is 2 guitars and a harmonica

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Awesome category, Tai. For maximum buzz/visibility, I'd encourage you to edit your videos before you post them. Provide a short intro, show the instruments, and then edit the actual record to showcase it without the failed attempts that proceed it. Tell a story!

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