Longest Time Holding A Martial Arts Side Kick Position



Gaya, India / January 1, 2017

Shashank K. held a martial arts side kick position for two minutes, 19.87 seconds.

- no outside support permitted
- legs must be straight and parallel to the ground
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Anastasiia

    Why do they call it side kick??! the only side kick I see was from the first competitor AHMAD AMIN BODLA. But the rest of them just holding a leg in a weird position but definitely not in a side kick position!

  • England Kevin Franklin

    Terrible foot position (toes should be pointing down as in first video), I agree 100% with BLACKBELTSKYDIVE

  • United States BlackBeltSkydive

    Is the camera angle intentional in an attempt to hide when her leg is no longer "straight and parallel to the ground"? I realize that this is the same room. Billie O'Keefe's first attempt was the most legitimate claim and should have never been deemed broken by either of the two that came after.

  • United States BlackBeltSkydive

    Nice job. You should work on the front kick hold and take it back. There is no reason that young girl should have the record. Her leg and foot position was horrible. If these records are going to hold any legitimacy, they should at least be properly performed.

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