Highest Score on "Berzerk RC28 Slow Bullets" (Arcade)

United States Grant Thienemann


Abingdon, Virginia, United States / July 4, 2012

Grant Thienemann earned 199,860 points in a game of Berzerk RC28 Slow Bullets.

- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- game must be played on an arcade machine; no emulators permitted
- game must be set to random room straight play, no patterns permitted
- must be set to slow bullets


Tags: gaminggamehighestscorevideo gameplayingarcadeBerzerkslow bulletStern

  • United States Tilly Racker

    Tilly Racker

    So they dug your grave and the masquerade private investigator tallahassee

  • United States Rashad


    just saying 2 people died playing this game from a heark attack,but the first person to die had a score of 16600 and the second person to die had a score of 15000 they sail that high score was the devils high score 16600 stoping the 2 people from geting a higher score.SCARY HMMMMMMM!!!??.

  • United States Ben Martin

    Ben Martin

    Freaking awesome.

  • United States Cat DeSpira

    Cat DeSpira

    Way to go, Grant! AHHHHHH! This is stupendous and a legendary score to beat. I mean, hey...why do you think it was held for so long? Good job, friend :)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Well done, Grant. You're a true master of an all-time arcade classic.

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