Longest Time To Balance 24 Eggs On Chin While Sitting In Chair On Top Of Six-Foot Ladder



Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada / May 5, 2010

Doug McManaman balanced a tower containing 24 eggs on his chin while he sat in a chair atop a six-foot ladder for 14.85 seconds.

- tower must be at least 5'8" tall
- egg holders allowed to be fixed to tower
- eggs must rest unassisted in egg holders
- must use raw eggs


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  • The Internet a@gmail.com

    How many bitch ass kids belive this old ass hag cuz like... if u belive him ur a dumbass kid cuz CLEARLY i saw his cut outs and in one of the 0.23 sec cut outs, you would see someone up there was grabbing it up and ye BITCHASS kids

  • United States Niharika luke

    That is really interesting I can't believe that he can balance 24 eggs on Chin while sitting in the chair on the top of 6 Foot ladder. This is really an appreciable task that people haven't tried it and should be awarded for the talent cbd distillate

  • Australia Stephen Robertson

    Nice one Doug...

  • United States Codie

    Doug is The Best.

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