Most Health IT Acronyms Defined By A Team In One Minute

Sarah Gornto

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Arlington, Virginia, United States / January 19, 2012

Sarah Gornto and her teammates, Kathryn Calderone, Ben Barnes and Brendan Boerbaitz defined 24 health information technology acronyms in one minute.

- acronyms defined must be related to health information technology
- each member must define each acronym
- must say the acronym, define and repeat the acronym
- definition of acronym must be complete
- must recite from memory
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States MD Hetler

    MD Hetler

    Comment moderated

  • United States Ross Martin

    Ross Martin

    Cyril - Thanks for picking this up. We will review the film and perhaps have the team resubmit if there is a doubt about their achievement. In the original criteria (which were shortened by RecordSetter reviewers), we said the definer could not look at other materials while speaking, but could reference a list in between definitions.

  • Philippines Cyril Navidad

    Cyril Navidad

    Nice job, Team Sarah.. but I noticed one of your members keep reading off a list which is against the criteria.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Fun and educational!

  • United States Ross Martin

    Ross Martin

    Congratulations to Richard Eshbach and his team: Chris Doucette, Saurabh Rohatgi, and Kush Shaqiri on shattering the original record set by Caroline's team!

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