Longest Hazelnut Bullseye

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Chicago, Illinois, United States / August 23, 2015

Amy successfully threw a hazelnut into a Planters can from 132.5 inches away, a RecordSetter.com World Record. She set the record as part of Planters' "World Nut Records" campaign.

Think you can beat Amy's record? Go to RecordSetter.com/Planters for full info, and stay tuned for more nut challenges throughout the summer of 2015.

- must use an unmodified Hazelnut (no shell)
- must successfully throw the nut into a Planters Nuts can
- may use any standard-sized Planters Nuts can placed flat on ground
- nut must remain inside can for throw to be counted
- must attempt record on a flat surface
- may not use additional props (i.e. slingshot) to propel nut farther
- distance be measured from location nut is thrown to closest edge of can
- nut may not bounce or carom off other surfaces or objects prior to landing in can
- must use a tape measure and document evidence demonstrating distance claim
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must submit video evidence to RecordSetter.com


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