Longest Time To Dribble Two Basketballs With One Hand

United States Brian Pankey


Springfield, Illinois, United States / January 29, 2012

Brian Pankey dribbled two basketballs with one hand for seven minutes, 44.84 seconds.

- palms must face downward
- ball may only strike ground once between dribbles
- must use bare hands


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  • United States Dylan


    Wow. Great job, Pete!

  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    Jess, as a juggler I think that it's very possible. I've bounce-juggled three balls with one hand, but I haven't tried basketballs. Also, the criteria for this allows one bounce between each dribble so it'd be a little easier.

    Here's a video of a guy who could shatter this record and probably do three with one hand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJPf20xXWfk

    If you have any other suggestions or requests to what records you'd like to see me attempt, let me know here. I'd love to hear your ideas!

  • United States Jess Yin

    Jess Yin

    Also, maybe we should add in the criteria that two handed dribbling is not permitted?

  • United States Jess Yin

    Jess Yin

    Awesome! Do you think 3 basketballs are possible?

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