Most Spider Basketball Dribbles In 30 Seconds (Junior)



Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia / May 6, 2014

Nine-year old Saxon M. completed 176 consecutive bounces of a basketball in 30 seconds while performing a spider drill.

- must use regulation sized basketball
- must perform spider drill as demonstrated in original record
- must provide video evidence
- must be 12-years old or younger


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  • The Internet Kobe

    Trash I had 500 in 2 tries

  • United States Bloome james

    Thank you for sharing these amazing basketball 30 sec record which is performed while spider drill. I have shoes under 50 which are best for players.

  • The Internet Apparelnbags

    I have also tried but not succeed. Such an amazing man. Apparelnbags

  • Canada Alex Curry

    wow cool!!!

  • United States albert smith

    amazing speed dude. This website has lot of great stuff

  • Sweden Thommy Ohlund

    Wow! Super speed!!

  • England Laurent Kelly

    Wow, mad skills. Well done mate.

  • United States No Name

    Woah, dude nice job.

  • United States Ultra Awesome

    Srry im a noob but how do i see the video

  • The Internet Noah Guardado


    • United States Corey Henderson

      Fake how? I don't see anything in the video that indicates it has been sped up. We watch a lot of video here at RecordSetter HQ and this seems legit to me.

    • The Internet Shaz

      This is absolutely not a fake Noah, this was videoed on an IPAD from his father and his mother timed it on a timer. As his mother I am actually extremely offended that you would accuse a hard working boy of faking something like this. He worked hard for nearly 6mths to challenge this world record.

  • The Internet Aimee

    Well done Saxon. On behalf of the Rockingham Flames we congratulate you on your outstanding efforts and achievement.

  • The Internet Melinda Liuto

    Your faster than the eye

  • Australia Saxon Matenga

    Thank you for the comments :D

  • Australia Saxon Matenga

    Hi Just wanted to mention that Saxon is actually only 9yrs old.. But he challenged the record :D

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Should we just remove the age from this category. Would Saxon be open to adults trying to challenge his record?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Fantastic! You're going to play professionally someday. Incredible skills.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Amazing audio!

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