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Most Consecutive Bounce Juggles Using Three Basketballs

United States

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / September 21, 2010

- must use regulation-sized basketballs
- must dribble in juggling pattern


Tags: jugglingbouncingbasketballdribbling

  • Cyprus Dimos and Renos Christodoulidis

    Oh my god! how you do that!! Great job!!

    • United States Audi T

      Thanks. I'm sure it was a lot easier to learn then the c onsectutive headers you guys do, but thanks

  • United States Audi T

    there's a 61 year old guy on here who goes for close to 9 min. while running a mile, that should be the standard for time. (I did not see his record earlier when I submitted my somewhat lame lift bouncing record of 6:30)

    • United States Audi T

      his name is Riley Mclincha he is now in his 60's and did this type of juggling for an entire marathon with some restarts. He told me (and I believe him) he once did this pattern for 13 miles without a drop which would be close to 2 hours. That is unfathomably awesome since the record here is less than 2 min!!! anyway lets keep this record going. Im sure unihoops has a lot longer run in him he just doesn't know his record was broken.

  • United States Audi T

    To be more precise: am I allowed to lift bounce the basketballs?

  • United States Audi T

    I'm going to assume you have to force bounce the balls like you guys are doing (which is harder) rather than toss them up let them bounce and continue which is more like the drop juggling people do when they are doing numbers bounce juggling? I can go way longer tossing them up and letting them bounce but I think this is vastly easier and not what you guys are going for correct?

  • United States Brian Pankey

    pure trash I just did 250 just for a warm-up

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