Most Condoms Sucked Through Nose At Once



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / March 28, 2012

Ryan Stock inhaled three condoms through his right nostril and pulled it out through his mouth.

- must suck condom through nose
- must pull out condom from nose to mouth
- must inhale all condoms at once
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Aleks Shamles

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  • United States Porter Mccloskey

    is that just me

  • United States Porter Mccloskey

    Im scared of what humanity has become

  • United States Tilly Racker

    Staring at the sunset private investigator el paso

  • United States Ian McGehee

    Question is this breakable?

  • The Internet Josh Doak

    That is awesome!!! way to go!!! Impressing the Ladies!!!!

  • The Internet Chris Tierney

    Stevie The logistics of it should be pretty clear. You stick the tip in and suck. Hard. Then guide it out through your nose.

    Why anyone would do it is an entirely different matter.

  • Canada Ryan Stock

    Stevie well... the same way one would snort and "Hock a loogie" if that paints a vivid enough picture for ya. ;)

  • The Internet Stevie


  • The Internet Chris Tierney

    So ... If I up the ante, are you going to come back and try again?

  • Canada Ryan Stock

    absolutely... if you think you can do more than 3 in one nostril...:)

  • Canada Ryan Stock

    not sure how many I can do, I usually only do one in the nose and out the mouth and then backwards (mouth to nose) The same way it was originally made famous by Matt "The Tube" Crowley from The Jim Rose Circus in the 1990's.

  • The Internet Chris Tierney

    So ... How many can you do? My record stood for 3 years, and I have not yet begun to defile myself.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    I love your records Ryan!!

  • Canada Mitchie Dagger


  • United States Emily Patricia

    Woah. Woah. Woah.

  • To Matt Shepard--Great feat!!! We are dizzy watching you fist pump!!! Now we know what you do in your spare time! What's next? Love Opa and Granny

  • excelent!! You are the ones!!

  • United States Danny Infinite

    Oh yeah... get some. Freakin awesome.

  • Pumps not bumps! Well done, congratulations.

  • i can jerk my gerkin faster then that

  • you need to find better things to do with your time!!!

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