Fastest Completion Of Five Cartwheels

England Vaughan Pullen


Rickmansworth, England / August 26, 2013

Vaughan's son completed five cartwheels in exactly 4.00 seconds.

- cartwheels must be complete
- no outside assistance permitted
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tilly Racker

    Tilly Racker

    Drive out of the city doula nashville

  • The Internet Jason Huber

    Jason Huber

    I agree Vaughan Pullen. As I stated, my daughter started the record and I agree that Ben beat the previous time. Good job!

  • The Internet Amelia


    those are not cartwheels those are wierd twist things that even i could beat and he only did 4

    • The Internet Jason Huber

      Jason Huber

      Nope. Those are cartwheels. "a circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended." My daughter was the original record holder, so I am not really biased towards this boy, but this is simply a cartwheel done fast....

    • The Internet Jason Huber

      Jason Huber

      *sorry not the original in this case. So sorry.

    • The Internet Jason Huber

      Jason Huber

      Also since you can beat it all you need it a video to prove it :)

  • The Internet Natalie Fenn

    Natalie Fenn

    how is he doing 5 cartwheels in 4 seconds if the video goes for 7 seconds?????

    • The Internet Michael Frake

      Michael Frake

      There is obviously extra time at the beginning/end to account for that.

    • England Vaughan Pullen

      Vaughan Pullen

      time it from the point he places his hand on first chartwheel to the time he lands his last leg on the 5th .

  • United States Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    The video cuts off right before the end. Is a cartwheel not an entire rotation?

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