Most Birthday Candles Fit On A Cupcake And Lit

United States David Ross

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Beach Haven, New Jersey, United States / July 4, 2010

David Ross (instigator)
Andy Hidalgo (host)
Jane Hidalgo (host)
Erica Hidalgo (host)
Kathryn Grassel (baker of cupcake)
Denis Sweeney (Fireman)
Lauren McGuirk (camera)
Holly Hidalgo
Mike Wall
Natalie Medaglio
Kerry Farrell
Lenny Steigman
Erika Battle
Jacklyn Buccellalo
Lauren Battle
Matt Hidalgo
Florrence Wright
Stephanie Britten
Kathleen McDowell
Tim Britten
Andrew Slepian
Taler Britten
Andrew Kramer


- must use standard-sized cupcake
- must have adult supervision
- all candles must be lit at once


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