Most Barefoot Car Hood Jumps In 30 Seconds While Wearing A Green Blazer And Holding A Paper Mache Seahorse

United States Matt Parker

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Cheraw, South Carolina, United States / July 1, 2009

Matt Parker jumped over the hoods of two cars 9 times while barefoot, wearing a green blazer, and holding a paper mache seahorse. His tenth jump exceded the time limit.


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    Peter Craig

    This was the first record I saw when first finding URDB and have since wanted to attempt it - unfortunately I do not have a green blazer and am having difficulty making a paper mache seahorse to compete. I understand it's part of URDB to have obscure variables giving people the chance to set and break records, but considering the record setter himself stated these variables could be waved, could we have a consensus on the criteria for this record? I think barefoot is suitable, blazer OR suit jacket with no colour specific requirement might be a reasonable alternative, and seahorse or any other paper mache can be awarded bonus points if you want to go to the effort. Also in my trials, obviously more cars results in a better total, is there stipulation as to whether it should be "using up to two cars" or is this unlimited?

  • United States Alex Kirchner

    Alex Kirchner

    This is incredibly impressive, I was taking it as a personal challenge to break as many URDB records as i can, but you've certainly exceeded my abilities with this one. Well played sir.

  • I feel the variables were very important, and only contributed to the sheer magnitude and importance of this event.

  • Wow

  • United States Matt Parker

    Matt Parker

    I'm the one who set this record and I'm glad you liked it. I even agree with you about the variables now. If you can, go ahead and take the stipulation of the jacket and seahorse out. I will even break my own record without using those variables, because I would like to see others put up some competition for it.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    I love this feat. It's extraordinarily impressive. Only wish it had been submitted without the goofy variables (jacket, seahorse, etc.). They distract from a very impressive achievement.

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