Longest Two-Wheel Office Chair Balance On A Carpeted Floor


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Blakeview, South Australia, Australia / August 24, 2010

Peter Craig balanced unassisted on the back two wheels of an office chair for 18.45 seconds while on carpet.

WARNING: This record can be dangerous, caution is advised.

- body may only touch chair
- time starts when only two wheels are balancing and no body part is touching anything but the chair
- time stops when chair lands on ground or body touches surrounding object or floor
- must balance on back two wheels of office chair
- chair must be on wheels
- may not hold any items to help balance
- may not set record with legs beneath desktop


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  • England Peter Canute

    My staff had a good laugh when I showed them this video. I told them that I better not see them doing this on a job for my carpet cleaning company

  • The Internet jobson kraft

    There are several ways we help in janitorial services, we steam your carpet, and furniture as well as tiles.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    oh, and Brian the last bit my head goes in my hand because I just gave up by that stage and was so frustrated that I couldn't get more than 20 seconds, because the attempt just before this I got the 1:40 time but again under a desk, so was trying to mimic the angle/feel from that attempt but it just wouldn't work. So 20secs is a dismal effort and look forward to seeing some 5min submissions...

  • Australia Peter Craig

    It's annoying, when I do it under a desk (without touching) my personal best is about 1:30-1:40 but as soon as you remove everything around you it must be some psychological thing or setting up is different? You can see this was done after the attempt on hard floor as the wheel is sticky taped up :)

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Great balancing skills Peter. The last part was funny. I hope your okay

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