Longest Time To Balance American Flag On Chin While Listening To 'God Bless The USA'


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Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada / May 29, 2010

Doug McManaman balanced a pole that held a 3 x 5.5 foot American Flag[] on his chin for 58.38 seconds while listening to Lee Greenwood[]’s God Bless the USA.


- flag must be at least five feet in width
- no adhesives or external support permitted
- may not touch flag or pole
- song may be looped repeatedly if needed


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  • The Internet Mike Noiles

    Congrats Doug..at least some people r keeping track of all your world records..to bad the Amherst Daily News isn't about Amherst anymore ,,they might show you some RESPECT and cover all your feats..Best of luck in setting more WORLD RECORDS

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