Largest Bacon Explosion

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States / November 26, 2011

Matthew Willer and his friends made a 120 pound (54.43 kilograms) bacon explosion.

- weight is precook
- weight of meat does not include any other ingredients
- half of meat used must be bacon the other half must be ground italian sausage no substitutes
- bacon explosion must also be cooked in a smoker or equivalent cooking apparatus


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  • The Internet Matt Cannon

    The slight feeling of emptiness I have after watching could be due to the fact that I've never heard of a bacon explosion before and I literally thought it was going to explode; or more likely it's stomach based and that I'm very hungry right now.

  • Africa eva-1 su

    Good Job.

  • United States Kaitlyn Herzog

    This looks amazing, love how serious everyone is while making it.

  • The Internet Alex Klenke

    Although I was already aware of this, I just heard it being talked about on Woody and Riz in the morning on the point. Glad to hear that you guys are still getting recognition.

  • Philippines Cyril Navidad

    Another delicious record.. love it.. :)

  • The Internet Matt Willer

    Just about all of it. Everyone took home portions of it in zip-lock bags. And sweet Jesus it was awesome!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    How much of this got eaten?

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Good job guys and nice video presentation!

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