Farthest Distance To Shoot A Large Nail Between Two Clay Targets Using A Handgun

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Chesterhill, Ohio, United States / March 8, 2013

Shea C. shot a large nail between two clay targets from 10 yards away. He used a Springfield XDM .40 cal handgun.

NOTE: Shooting records are dangerous and should only be attempted with proper training. Please exercise caution when attempting shooting records.

- must use standard clay targets
- must provide video evidence


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  • China Eva Su

    I'm not see clearly what he doing.

    • The Internet Shea Conaway

      I am shooting a large nail splitting the bullet into two pieces breaking a clay target on each side of the nail .

    • China Eva Su

      Yea, i see. Thanks for your replay.

    • The Internet Shea Conaway

      no problem, thanks for watching! Check out some of my other shooting videos, give them a thumbs up if you like. Thanks

    • China Eva Su


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