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10:21 India

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball Bat On Index Finger While Standing On One Foot

aryan raj

Aryan R. balanced a baseball bat on his index finger for 10 minutes, 6.09 seconds while standing on one foot.

02:39 United States

Longest Time Holding A Frisbee Upside Down Using Thumb And Pinky Finger On Its Inner Ridge

Joseph Gross

Joseph G. held a Frisbee upside down using his thumb and pinky finger on its inner ridge for one minute, 59.61 seconds.

00:20 Belgium

Fastest Time To Inflate A Balloon And Put A Smart Phone Inside It

Jasper Callaerts

Jasper C. inflated a balloon and put a smart phone inside it in 9.26 seconds.

00:20 India

Fastest Time To Complete 20 High Kicks

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar completed 20 high kicks in 12.90 seconds.

00:14 India

Fastest Time To Complete 10 High Kicks

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar completed 10 high kicks in 6.90 seconds.

14:40 India

Longest Time Holding Legs Behind Head

Krishan Kumar

Krishan K. put his legs behind his head and held the pose for 13 minutes, 40.00 seconds.

02:06:31 India

Longest Head Stand Against A Wall

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar performed a head stand against a wall for two hours, two minutes, 38.00 seconds.

03:08:46 India

Longest Indoor Headstand

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar stood on his head while indoors for three hours, three minutes, 50.00 seconds.

00:52 United States

Fastest Time To Lace A Sneaker

Geoffrey A

Geoffrey A. laced up a sneaker in 17.74 seconds.

01:04 Hungary

Longest Yoga Pose Held On A Moving Escalator

Lőrinc Polivka

Lőrinc P. held a yoga pose for 39.10 seconds while riding on a moving escalator.

01:26 United States

Fastest Time To Drink A 24-Ounce Can Of Beer


eeK drank a 24-ounce can of beer in 5.78 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

00:09 Scotland

Fastest Time To Swallow A Pill With Water

Blake Welsh

Blake W. swallowed a pill in 1.62 seconds using water.

00:19 United States

Fastest Time To Perform Three Burpees While On Fire

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd Weema performed three burpee exercises in 7.52 seconds while setting his legs on fire. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt performer. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

00:20 United States

Fastest Time To Perform Five Burpees On A Frozen Lake

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd Weema performed five burpee exercises on frozen Slim Lake in Boundary Waters, Minnesota.

00:11 United States

Fastest Time To Make A Double Star With Rubber

Timothy Umlas

Timothy U. made a double star rubber band shape using a single rubber band in 4.75 seconds.

01:55 Canada

Longest Handstand With Shoes On Hands

Gordon lindsay

Gordon performed a handstand with his hands inside a pair of shoes for one minute, 41.87 seconds.

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