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Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On The Tip Of A Pencil


Demythrate spun a basketball on the tip of a pencil for 15 minutes, 59.41 seconds.


Most Balled Up Socks Held In One Hand

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik held 29 balled up socks in his hand.


Longest Time Balancing 19 Hockey Pucks On Forehead

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik balanced 19 hockey pucks on his forehead for 31 minutes, 47.00 seconds.

03:43 Australia

Longest Time Balancing A Camera Tripod On Chin


Demythrate balanced a camera tripod on his chin for one minute, 50.12 seconds.


Most Clothespins Attached To Lips

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik attached 19 clothespins on his lips at once.


Most Times Pressing The R1 Button On A Playstation 3 Controller In 30 Seconds

Darius Spychala

Darius S. pressed the R1 controller on a Playstation 3 controller 195 times in 30 seconds.

00:26 India

Most Tennis Ball Bounces On Alternate Sides Of A Table Tennis Paddle In 20 Seconds

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur bounced a tennis ball on alternate sides of a table tennis paddle 71 times in 20 seconds.

00:52 United States

Fastest Time To Pick Open A Master Lock Little Giant Padlock No. 55

Ryan Duncan

Ryan D. picked open a Master Lock Little Giant Padlock No. 55 in 8.91 seconds.


Most Stuffed Animals Held In Hand At Once

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik held 18 stuffed animals in his hand at once.

00:17 Australia

Most Clothespins Attached To Ears


Demythrate attached 23 clothespins to his ears.

05:24 Australia

Longest Time Balancing A Clock On One Finger


Demythrate balanced a clock on his finger for five minutes, 2.37 seconds.

12:22 India

Longest Time Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball On A Paddle While Balancing A Book On Head And Standing On One Foot

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur bounced a table tennis ball on a paddle for 11 minutes, 37.55 seconds while balancing a book on his head and standing on one foot.

01:02 Australia

Most Bounces Of A Basketball Off The Side Of A Building In One Minute


Demythrate dribbled a basketball off the side of a building 347 times in one minute.

01:05 England

Most Knee Drops While Balancing A Soccer Ball On Head

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed nine knee drops while balancing a soccer ball on his head.

Northern Ireland

Most BMX Front Hops While Standing On Frame

Martin Tuson

Martin Tuson performed 98 BMX front hops while standing on the frame.


Longest Bottle Flip Knife Stick While Blindfolded

Madd Gyver

Madd Gyver performed a bottle flip knife stick throw from eight feet away while blindfolded. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional stunt professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

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