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02:25 India

Most Golf Balls Fit In Mouth

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya fit five golf balls in his mouth at once. NOTE: Stuffing things in your mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

01:18 Argentina

Most Times Saying "Buy Me MGS V" While Staring At An Apple Juice Carton

Monkena Epato

Monkena E. said "buy me MGS V" 38 times while staring at an apple juice carton.

00:08 United States

Fastest Time To Put On Three Pairs Of Glasses

Kendall tyree

Kendall T. put on three pairs of glasses in 2.02 seconds.

02:00:37 Slovakia

Longest Time Balancing A Playing Card On Little Finger

Pavol Durdik

Peter Durdik balanced a playing card on his little finger for two hours, 15.00 seconds.

01:26 Slovakia

Most Clothespins Attached To Tongue

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik attached 14 clothespins to his tongue.

01:22:20 Slovakia

Longest Time Biting A Pillow

Pavol Durdik

Demythrate bit a pillow for one hour, 22 minutes, 4.00 seconds.

03:57 India

Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On Elbow

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur spun a fidget spinner on his elbow for three minutes, 30.20 seconds.

00:09 United States

Fastest Performance Of The "Cup Song" Cup Rhythm

Daniel Hornack

Daniel H. performed the "Cup Song" cup rhythm in 1.67 seconds.

04:48 Slovakia

Tallest CD Tower Stacked On A Tennis Ball Held In Hand

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik stacked 111 CDs on a tennis ball held in his hand.

03:25 Slovakia

Tallest CD Tower Stacked On A CD Held In Mouth

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik stacked 71 CDs on a CD held in his mouth.

00:56 Canada

Most Behind-The-Back Frisbee Catches In 30 Seconds

Justin Bereczki

Justin B. completed 33 behind-the-back Frisbee catches in 30 seconds.

00:16 The Internet

Smallest Origami Crane

Bhone Khaing

Bhone K. made an origami crane one millimeter in length.

04:16 The Internet

Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On Chin


Theprobro spun a fidget spinner on his chin for four minutes, 10.23 seconds.

00:13 Australia

Longest PlayStation Network Party Chat

Liam Pile

Liam and his friends had a PlayStation network party chat that lasted 8,709 hours, 11 minutes, 14.00 seconds.

01:01 United States

Most Trampoline Front Flips In One Minute

Harsha Kondapalli

Harsha K. completed 59 front flips on a trampoline in one minute.

00:09 Canada

Most Lighters Flicked In One Hand At Once

Jake Dormer

Jake D. flicked five lighters at once using one hand.

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