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Longest Time Balancing A Coin On Top Of Four Dice Balanced On A Baseball Held In Hand

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a coin on top of four dice balanced on a baseball held in his hand for 35.17 seconds.

01:22 United States

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On Back Of Hand While Spinning A Frisbee

Adam Ford

Adam F. balanced 14 Wii game cases on the back of his hand while spinning a Frisbee.

01:49 United States

Longest Headstand While Wearing Mismatched Socks


Ethan performed a headstand for one minute, 44.50 seconds while wearing mismatched socks.

00:12 United States

Most Consecutive "Eli Hops" Yo-Yo Trick

Billy Oakley

Billy O. performed five consecutive Eli Hops yo-yo tricks.

00:57 United States

Fastest Time To Use Three Knives And Three Glasses To Support A Glass

Viktor Okuka

Viktor O. used three knives and three glasses to support a glass in 16.55 seconds.


Longest Time Sitting On A Balance Board While Holding Vajra Veerasana Hero Pose

Silvio Sabba

Silvio Sabba sat on a balance board for six minutes, 42.71 seconds while holding the Vajra Veerasana Hero pose.

00:12 United States

Most Hand Taps In Five Seconds

Josh 'Darkrai'

Josh tapped his hand 43 times in five seconds.


Longest Time Balancing A Three-Foot Wooden Bar On A Baseball Held In Hand While Kneeling

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a three-foot wooden bar on a baseball held in his hand for 15 minutes, 11.01 seconds while kneeling.

13:51 Wales

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball On Top Of A Solar Light On Thumb

Mark Evans

Mark Evans balanced a baseball on top of a solar light on his thumb for 13 minutes, 7.68 seconds.

02:03 United States

Fewest Push Pins Used To Hold A Person To A Wall

Wyeth Augustine-Marceil

Wyeth A. was held to a wall using nine push pins.


Longest Time To Balance Baseball Bat On Index Finger While Standing On One Foot

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a baseball bat on his index finger for four minutes, 31.05 seconds while standing on one foot.


Most Forearm Strikes On A Galvanized Iron Pipe In 45 Seconds

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur completed 232 forearm strikes on a galvanized iron pipe in 45 seconds.

00:07 Pakistan

Most Air Punches During A Jump

Muhammad Irfan Mehsood

Muhammad I. punched six air punches during a jump.

01:17 Scotland

Most Upward-Downward Strikes In One Minute Using A Wooden Martial Arts Knife

William Cannon

William C. completed seven upward-downward strikes in one minute using a wooden martial arts knife.

03:19 Wales

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Spray Paint Can

Mark Evans

Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball on a spray paint can 507 times.

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