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United States

Most Consecutive Back Flips On A Trampoline

Dustin Williams

Dustin W. performed 11 consecutive back flips on a trampoline.

Northern Ireland

Most Balloon Swords Created In One Minute While Blindfolded


Ryan T. created 18 balloon swords in one minute while blindfolded.

United States

Most Dominoes Stacked On A Die In 20 Seconds

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked 21 dominoes on top of a die in 20 seconds.

United States

Fastest "Movin' On Up" Cup Challenge

Alyssa Forrest

Alyssa F. performed the Movin' On Up Cup Challenge in 39.82 seconds.

02:46 India

Longest Time Balancing A Soccer Ball On Top Of A Flashlight On Forehead While Kneeling

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a soccer ball on top of a flashlight on his forehead for two minutes, 10.55 seconds while kneeling.

United States

Most Times Passing A Ruler Through A Roll Of Duct Tape In 30 Seconds

Vito O.

Vito O. passed a ruler through a roll of duct tape 41 times in 30 seconds.


Most Books Stacked On One Hand

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. stacked 38 books on his hand.


Longest Time Balancing A Flashlight On Index Finger

Brendan Kelbie

Brendan Kelbie balanced a flashlight on his index finger for three minutes, 41.28 seconds.


Most Clothespins Attached To Ears

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik attached 24 clothespins to his ears.


Longest Elbow Stand

Allie and Elle inc productions

Bobbie-Allannah performed an elbow stand for two minutes, 4.00 seconds.


Most Dominoes Stacked On A Hacky Sack In 20 Seconds

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. stacked 20 dominoes on a hacky sack in 20 seconds.

Northern Ireland

Most Balloon Snails Created Behind Back In One Minute


Ryan T. created four balloon snails behind his back in one minute.

36:02 India

Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On The Tip Of A Pencil

Kunal Singhal

Kunal Singhal spun a basketball on the tip of a pencil for 37 minutes, 44.00 seconds.

02:28 India

Most Tennis Ball Bounces On A 250-ml Beer Bottle While Standing On One Leg

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur bounced a tennis ball 377 times on a 250-ml beer bottle while standing on one leg.

United States

Most Water Bottle Flips Onto A Table In 15 Seconds


Quin B. flipped a water bottle onto a table 10 times in 15 seconds.

01:13 United States

Most Basketball Passes While Sitting In One Minute

Joe Doerrer

Joe and his friend made 111 basketball passes while sitting in one minute.

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