Under Council Review

Justin Landers wants to set a world record:

Fewest Rubber Bands Used To Break A Watermelon

Record Attempt: i.e. number to beatrubber bands Current Record: 91rubber bands

Record Attempt

i.e. number to beatrubber bands


- watermelon must be no more than 10 inches in length

- must measure watermelon on camera at start of video
- watermelon may not be modified or tampered with in advance
- must use standard office rubber bands
- rubber bands must be placed around center of watermelon one at a time
- must count out rubber bands' number ("1...2...3") as they're placed on watermelon
- may not pause for more than 90 seconds between putting on rubber bands
- watermelon must split from rubber band pressure and no other outside forces
- must use extreme caution (safety goggles highly recommended)

Set On

October 15, 2015


Bayville, New Jersey


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