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Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most RecordSetter Records Set In One Day While Wearing A Camouflage Hat

Record Attempt: 63records Current Record: 47records

Record Attempt



- must be wearing the same camouflage hat throughout all record attempts

Set On

June 21, 2011


Stambaugh, Kentucky


If I calculated I've turned in 63 submissions for world records for June 21, in which I wore a camo hat while doing the world record attempt. Alltogether there's 106 or 108 world records i've turned in alltogether. I would have wore my hat more but it was so hat I had to take it off to try to cool down a little. Larry The Cable Guy would be proud!! He alway's wore a camo hat! If you need anything else from me regarding this world record claim feel free to let me knoe, Thanks records 63

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