Under Council Review

Xiulin Chang wants to set a world record:

Longest Single Breath of Mimic Khoomei Voice to Lift the Heaviest Iron Door of the Most Powerful Tower by a World’S Super Extraordinary Famous Vocalist

Record Attempt: 00:00.0min/sec

Record Attempt


Set On

December 23, 2012


Bei Jing


State/Province: 0 This is the original video showed in the CCTV in the new year’s Festival of 2013 that told a very interesting world culture story that a very beautiful angel named “White Wife” was forbidden by the devil named “Fa Hai” under the most powerful tower named “Lei Feng” whose iron door was the heaviest and strongest in the world that could not be lift or broken by everyone else beside “Fa Hai”; the husband of the “White Wife ”named “Xu Xian” who was a ordinary human being finally got a very special power given by the science God through ten years hard practices with a help of the official evidence from a ID card policeman that proved “Xu Xian” was a unmarried single man in these ten years to get rid of the power of evil incantation from “Fa Hai”. So there came from the very beginning of the video to show that how “Xiu Xian” bravely saved his wife “White Wife” by his unmarried single body’s special power . . . refer to the websit http://wlchunwan.cntv.cn/2013/zhengji/chuangyi/index.shtml

Community Analysis

  • China Xiulin Chang

    Xiulin Chang

    i am so honor to accept your suggestions to sing or performance in the world stage by english song or speaking in the futher,you are real professor in musical field, and i am so lucky to meet you here,thank you again ,my best friend!

    • China yuhuan wang

      yuhuan wang

      My best friend, i hope to see your more excellent performance in the future. i believe The American love you.

  • China yuhuan wang

    yuhuan wang

    wow,you acted two diffenrent charactor husband and wife in a mam's and a woman's voice at the same time only by yourself,it is so much fun in it,you will be better if you spoke in english so that most of people could understand what the interesting story talked about, and the mimic Khoomei voice will make you sure to the world record holder that i never saw before.