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Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most World Records Set in One Minute

Record Attempt: 26

Record Attempt


Set On

July 21, 2010


Stambaugh, Kentucky


This record was submitted once on June 21st. I attempted 25 records during this record attempt and the 26th would be the record for the most records set in one day. I was hopeing to get an individual record for each of the other 25 records attempted in this record attempt, but I don't know how or if I even can break down each record attempt into the exact segment of each seperate record. This was the day on June 21st that I was trying to set 100 plus world records in one day. Both of these records are huge, includeing this one The Most World Records Set In One Minute, this one will really determine the final outcome of the record for the Most Records Set In One day, which I was really gunning for and put forth an all out effort to make it and all records set on this day happen. If you need anything regarding this record attempt then feel free to let me know. Also when I submitted this claim the first time I sent a 2nd video as well of the exact measurements of each seperate record attempt involved in this here record claim, if you need this video sent again them please feel free to let me know. Thanks other 26

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